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USASBA Benefits


You’ll be Shocked by what you read.

Are you tired of not having a voice with Government about the laws and legislation that tax and govern your small business.

Do you feel like no matter how hard you work on your small business, you never quite get where you want to be.  Are you distrustful of Incompetent Politicians.  Suspicious of what Washington will do next that will have an unfavorable affect on your Small Business.


Of course, and you are NOT alone.

  • A large majority of small business owners are hesitant to get involved with the very political issues that will directly affect them.
  • Other Business owners feel that they are incapable of making any kind of Real Difference.
  • While others feel overwhelmed with day to day activities in their business.

Here is the Truth that many in Washington don’t want you to know!

You have the Advantage and and an Enormous Voice in how your Small Business is Legislated. *Read that again if you have to.


Introducing the USASBA.org

The USASBA Involving, Educating and Facilitating are the primary benefits that allow USASBA members to have an important voice in the laws that govern your business and your world.


What you will receive

  • Information on Political Issues
  • Highly Effective Business Intelligence
  • An Ever Evolving library of business articles
  • A Convenient Platform to discuss topic with other business owners
  • A truthful and reliable pulse on how business owners just like you feel about current issues today

All from the comfort of your laptop.

Never before have small businesses had such an opportunity to make so much of a difference and impact in Washington.  Now you can be confident that you are being heard.


The USASBA is the first ever organization that is honestly on the side of Small Business Owners.


Sign Up Today and Receive an Added bonus….

As a member of the USASBA you will receive Absolutely Free a 1 Year membership to the Platinum Deal Network.

We understand the stress over day to day expenses with your small business.  As well as the frustration you feel with the high prices of everyday business goods and services.

How would you like Instant Savings on the goods and services that you purchase daily?

Now there is the way for you to save $1000’s on the services, supplies and merchandise you use everyday.

Introducing the Platinum Deal Network.  As a member of the USASBA you will receive a 1 yr. Membership (a $359.88 value) completely free just for joining.

You will have exclusive access to discounts from a vast array of  cost saving products and services offered by the Platinum Deal Networks ever growing number of vendors.


Be sure to check out the weekly specials as new deals are added daily.


These unique cost savings are brought to you free with your USASBA Membership

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