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Lifesize Conference Camera Brings Your Whole Team into Focus

Lifesize, an HD video conferencing technology company based in Austin, Texas, recently announced the launch of an audio and video solution designed to address a common problem: enabling video collaboration in small office settings cost-effectively and with greater ease.

The new Lifesize Icon 450 HD camera and phone system, paired with the Lifesize cloud-based video communication platform, is intended for use in “huddle” rooms — small conference rooms consisting of a table and a few chairs. Such places are becoming ubiquitous in companies large and small across the globe. Employees use them to connect and collaborate on projects.

A Peek at the Lifesize Icon 450 Camera

“Most organizations have small meeting spaces of 100 square feet or less,” said Michael Helmbrecht, chief product and operations officer at Lifesize, in a telephone conversation with Small Business Trends. “We’ve been working on how to enable those spaces to have HD video and phone conferencing that is easy to use without the need for IT or the office manager to do a lot of training and support.”

While many video conferencing solutions are available to enable such collaboration, the Icon 450 HD system is unique in that it is specifically designed for use in these small room settings. It adjusts the wide-angle lens to bring everyone into the frame automatically, a feat that is not always easy considering these rooms’ dimensions.